Andrew Kennedy

Political Campaigning and Strategic Consultant

With almost forty years experience, eight parliamentary elections and over 2,000 local council candidates under his belt, Andrew Kennedy is one of the country’s most experienced and successful campaigners.

Throughout his career Andrew has led the field in adopting innovative campaign techniques, whilst holding firm to the view that elections are won through a very simple process; finding your supporters and getting them to vote.

His postal vote recruitment campaigns attract response rates of over 20%, unheard of in terms of direct mail, and directly contributed to holding 17 marginal seats in the recent county council elections.

He was one of the first Conservative agents to use telephone canvassing in the UK; co-authoring the training pamphlet “Ringing the Changes” in the late 1980s. He also pioneered postal surveys and most recently personalised election literature with the message changing from house-to-house and street-to-street.

This innovative approach tied to traditional and proven election-winning principles has resulted in election results which have consistently exceeded the county, regional and nation-wide averages.

Andrew’s abilities don’t just apply to elections. He has a strong record in fundraising, activist and volunteer recruitment, training and development, maximising incumbency and research.

In 2012 Andrew was one of the principal architects of the Kent Conservative Group, bringing together three strong and successful Associations into one Grouping. The group has subsequently increased to seven Associations with more investigating their options.

Whether you are an Association looking to build your team, a Council/Group Leader looking to win the next local election, an MP seeking to maximise your incumbency or a candidate looking for independent campaign advice and support, Andrew can almost certainly help.


Tracey Crouch MP

Chatham & Aylesford

“Andrew has been with me since I was first selected in 2006. He has guided me throughout that time including four General Elections, increasing both my majority and vote share every time. I couldn't have done it without him. ”

Simon Cook

Canterbury Conservative Association

“Andrew’s built an election winning machine in West Kent that’s the envy of the rest of us. It’s not by good luck that they win, but by relentlessly concentrating on what works, driven by Andrew’s experience and energy.”

Cllr Steve Bell CBE

Former President of the National Convention

“Andrew ‘gets it’. More than anyone I have ever met, he understands the importance of targeted campaigning, and has the ability and knowledge to know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.”

Stewart Jackson

Former Member of Parliament for Peterborough

“If you’re serious about developing a strategy which wins elections and gives you a permanent competitive advantage Andrew Kennedy is really your only choice. Dedicated, hardworking, a proven fundraising maestro and campaigning guru. Why waste time on anyone else?”

Maria Caulfield MP


“Andrew knew immediately that without winning constituencies like mine, we would not form a government. From the day I was selected he has been relentless in driving campaign support and helping ensure I had the tools I needed to win. He is outstanding.”

Cllr Ian Lewis

Leader of the Conservative Group (Wirral)

“Here in Wirral, many of us refer to Andrew as “the guru” as whatever the problem, he seems to have a solution. His energy and determination to win are a real inspiration to those of us fighting in Metropolitan areas.”

Karl McCartney JP MP

Member of Parliament for Lincoln 2010-2017 and 2019 - present

“Andrew is free-thinking and his approach to campaigning and changing the ‘tired’ way we might do things is not only refreshing, but heartening. I would have no hesitation in working with him, for him, or seeking his wise counsel on any issue at anytime and would recommend his sound advice to anyone."

Cllr William Rutherford

Chairman, West Kent Group

“There is no doubt that bringing Andrew on-board was transformative for our organisation. Both the breadth of his knowledge and the depth of his experience are truly inspirational. Not only did he change the way we did things, he fundamentally shifted the way we think about challenges.”

Tom Tugendhat MBE MP

Tonbridge & Malling

“I am immensely fortunate to have had Andrew as my Agent in 2015, 2017 and 2019. He is one of those rare people in politics who says what he will do then delivers it, on time, no fuss and within budget. He has never let me down.”

Craig Mackinlay MP

South Thanet

"Andrew ran my 2017 and 2019 Parliamentary Campaigns and my association had no hesitation to use his services again for the 2019 district elections. Andrew is one of those rare people who doesn't just tell people what to do, but takes the time to explain why they are doing it, and the difference it makes. He manages to combine forensic attention to detail while making politics and campaigning fun."

Cllr Teresa O'Neill

Leader of London Borough of Bexley Conservative Group

"Under Andrew's expert guidance and strategic support, Bexley Conservatives achieved one of the strongest performances in London in 2018, winning all of our target wards and even extending gains into seats Labour believed they would win. He delivered everything he said that he would, on time, within budget and with good humour. We are delighted to secure his services again for 2022."

Matthew Scott

Kent Police & Crime Commissioner

"I was delighted to recruit Andrew's services for my 2021 re-election campaign. His joint approach with the County Council campaign brought substantial cost savings to both and a unified message under which all Conservatives could unite. We achieved the best ever result, a Kent wide vote share of 58%, the highest ever and the 2nd best Conservative result in the UK."

Roger Gough CC

Leader of Kent County Council

"As our 2021 Campaign Manager and Agent, Andrew achieved remarkable results, particularly with his direct mail. Across Kent over 20,000 additional Conservative postal voters were recruited and Crime and Community Survey identified 30,000 new Conservative pledges. "

Campaigning Services
How I Can Help

Whether you are an Association Officer looking for help or support, a Member of Parliament seeking to maximise your incumbency, a candidate in search of independent campaign advice or a Conservative Group Leader looking to gain or retain control, I believe I have the experience to help you win.

It is a great honour to have helped set-up and run the West Kent Group of Conservative Associations, and I look forward to my continued involvement in the years ahead. However it is fair to say that the next election will not be won or lost in the leafy suburbs of Kent.

I have launched this consultancy to offer help and support to those Associations and candidates who might not have the benefit of a campaign professional.

Whilst I need to earn a living, my charges and fees are set at a very reasonable rate.

The next election will not be the same contest between Right and Left, it will be a fight for the heart and soul of our wonderful country, in which the traditional values of decency, free enterprise, economic stability and strong defence will be pitted against an extreme Labour Party driven by Marxist ideology, determined to undermine everything we stand for.

If I can help “level the playing field” and provide you with the tools you need to win, I will have achieved my goal. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can help.

With the reduction in the number of paid agents, along with complicated legislation and onerous paperwork, it is unsurprising that councillors, candidates and Conservative Groups are finding it increasingly difficult to access the services of a good agent and/or campaign manager.

Each year we lose candidates and often incumbent councillors due to incorrectly submitted nomination papers or missed deadlines. Legal challenges to election expenses are increasingly common. It is little wonder that volunteers are reticent about taking on this task, resulting in councillors and candidates spending too much time on administration when they should be campaigning.

On a limited and case by case basis, I am prepared to take on this role for your Association or Group. I will only accept this work if I am confident my other commitments will allow me to spend the necessary time on your campaign. I will also give priority to target councils where we might lose (or gain) control, rather than safe councils where our majority is not under threat.

My basic service is charged at £150 per candidate, with a minimum charge of £3,000 (or 20 candidates). This is invoiced in two tranches: £75 per candidate in early March for research and preparatory work and £75 per candidate in April for my election-specific work. This will result in only £75 per candidate being a declarable election expense.

My basic package of support includes

  • General advice and assistance on candidate recruitment
  • A half-day “Campaign Conference” for all candidates and key activists, with sessions on:
  • - Nomination papers/legal
    - Effective campaigning and Voter ID
    - Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and Got Out The Postal Vote (GOTPV)
    - Social media (nb: fee includes conference and speakers but not venue hire or any refreshments provided)
  • Nomination papers, advice, checking and submission
  • General advice / design and production of:
  • - Main election leaflet (including co-ordinating candidates’ local contributions)
    - Calling cards / SYWO card for candidates
    - GOTPV and GOTV material
    -Good Morning / Time is Running Out leaflets
    (nb: fee includes help and support with production and design. Cost of printing extra, this can be done locally or I can manage the print via my print partners in Kent)
  • Preparation and submission of election expenses

  • Additional services

    In addition to the above all-inclusive package of support, additional specialist projects may be commissioned for an additional fee. These include:
  • Detailed research on policy and residents’ perceptions of performance
  • Focus Groups
  • Assistance with identifying target wards and building a target ward strategy
  • Pre-election newsletters and communications
  • Running a postal vote recruitment campaign (target wards or council-wide)
  • Knock-Drop-Collect survey canvassing or traditional issue/VI surveys

The strength, popularity and reputation of a hard working local Member of Parliament can be vital to success, often delivering votes beyond the reach of the national campaign. In what appears to be a climate of uncertainty (with large regional swings) maximising this advantage could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Key to this is control of the message and timing. In both 2015 and 2017 my experience negotiating with printers and Royal Mail along with my data management skills gave our local West Kent candidates the confidence to opt out of the CCHQ print package, resulting in 100% local literature content and different leaflets with targeted messages going to young voters, older voters, female voters and male voters at five-day intervals during the last three weeks of the campaign.

The following is a sample of the projects I can assist you with:

Maximising Incumbency

To maximise your incumbency I am able to assist with design, production and fulfilment with the following projects:

  • 18th Birthday cards
  • MP/Candidate newsletters (either stand-alone or shared with local councillors to reduce cost)
  • New Year Calendar Cards
  • Targeted Residents’ Surveys (by geography, demography, age, gender or issue-specific)
  • Petitions and community action projects
Training and development of volunteers

  • General advice and guidance to maximise effectiveness
  • Launching new branches and special interest groups
  • Campaign training for candidates, councillors and activists
  • Legal and compliance training – for accounts, elections and voluntary agents
  • Leaflet design and production, and survey canvassing
Building a long-term campaign infrastructure

  • Finding new delivery helpers
  • Identifying sites for window posters and garden posters
  • Recruiting new postal voters
  • Building a campaign team
  • Enlarging the pledge base through postal surveys, phone canvassing and door-to-door
Campaign Support

  • Leaflet design and production
  • Survey design and production (including packing and mailing where necessary)
  • Strategic advice on targeting including target wards and target voters
  • Young voters’ survey
  • Swing voters’ survey
  • Successful Get Out the Postal Vote (GOTPV) and Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
Community Action

  • Jobs Fairs
  • Pensioners’ Fairs – from concept to delivery
  • Strategic advice on targeting including target wards and target voters
I believe passionately in building and developing the voluntary party. The strongest local Associations and the most effective campaigns are those which are run from the ground-up, not imposed from the top-down. But for this to happen we need a large, motivated and vibrant team of volunteers – and the money to cover pay the bills. With almost 30 years experience as an agent I have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, from training and developing our teams, identifying new activists, building a strong campaign infrastructure and fund raising – maximising income from existing and new streams.

Association Audit

For a fixed fee of £500 (plus travel costs) I will visit your Association for a full day. Working with your officers, staff and key volunteers I will undertake a comprehensive audit of your present position in terms of campaigning, administration and fundraising. Following this I will write an honest report highlighting your Association’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a detailed and costed plan to address any weaknesses and maximise opportunities; a route map to help you move your Association from where it now is to where it needs to be to win the next election. The report will be confidential and presented to either your Management Committee or Executive Council (as agreed). You may then take the report as it stands or, if you wish, retain me on a professional basis to work with your team to develop and implement solutions to the problems identified.

Building a long-term campaign infrastructure

  • Identifying sites for window posters and garden posters
  • MP/Candidate newsletters (either stand-alone or shared with local councillors to reduce cost)
  • Recruiting new postal voters
  • Building the pledge base through postal surveys, phone canvassing and door-to-door
  • Newsletters – from design to production
Campaign support

  • Leaflet design and production
  • Survey design and production (including packing and mailing where required)
  • Strategic advice on targeting – including target wards and target voters
  • Young voters’ survey
  • Swing voters’ survey
  • Successful Get Out the Postal Vote (GOTPV) and Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
Training and development of volunteers

  • General advice and guidance to association and branch officers
  • Launching new branches and special interest groups
  • Campaign training for candidates, councillors and activists
  • Legal and compliance training – for accounts, elections and voluntary agents
  • Leaflet design and production, and survey canvassing
Fund raising and generating new income

  • Maximising draw income
  • 500+ Club
  • An Audience with…
  • Membership Discount Card scheme
  • Business Supporters’ Group
Local government candidate development and support

  • Training Local Government / Approvals Committee members
  • Identifying a new generation of LG candidates

Charging Policy

For my services as a Campaign Consultant I charge by the hour (£50), by the half day (£200) or by the full day (£350) plus travel. I am happy to discuss fees for longer term projects. I will always charge the most economical rate for the work I do and will invoice you through my company “Andrew Kennedy Campaigning Ltd”. To contact me for an initial discussion about these services, or anything that may not be on this list which I may be able to help with, please fill out the form below.

Contact me

Andrew Kennedy

Political Campaigning and Strategic Consultant

Andrew Kennedy Campaigning
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